Question Port Forwarding does not work over my ISP and router


Jan 18, 2015
I currently use Huawei HG630 and am unable to port forward, I put all the ports and local IPV4 address , but I am only able to connect over local IPv4, not over public, so it means it works somehow, It is not the PC problem because I made exceptions in firewall and also tried on Linux. Same problem. So maybe it was the router, I disabled firewall there still the same problem occurs. Now I see that maybe my ISP gave me CGNAT but I checked, there are 2 option for it. First. see your public IP and compare to IP given in WAN on your router and if it is matches its not CGNAT, so over there I do not have CGNAT, but also second option with tracert xxxx.xxxx... in Windows Powershell, so if it gives two lines its CGNATed, which I receive 2 lines,. So it makes no sense really
I also got another WiFi extender Huawei WG8021, which serves as even better router honestly, much more options are given, it can work both in Routing and Bridge mode, but it does not work again. On there I tried switching to Full cone NAT also, I just have no idea what can help
I would really like to open ports, I need it , I do not know where to start and what to do honestly
If it is CGNAT does it mean only option for me is to call my ISP and ask them to give me a public IP?
If you can't be sure about the CGNAT then call the ISP and ask them. If they say you already have a public IP then it is a matter of figuring out what you have wrong with your router config. If they do use CGNAT they likely will tell you what you options are. Some ISP will give you a public IP just for asking other want extra money.
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