Question Port forwarding for Utorrent with a netgear nighthawkr7000p?


Aug 24, 2012
Hi I'm trying to forward utorrents port with My netgear nighthawk Router. Now in order for me to do this I have to setup a static ipaddress in my network and sharing center of windows 10. I have done that everything is setup in my router as well.

Now in utorrent in the preferences. in the setup guide I have run the tests and for some reason the server always times out when it checks for the bandwidth I have no idea why? Do you maybe have any ideas why? but On the open ports I get a green check so the open ports are set in the router doesn't matter weather I have automatic port forwarding enabled or not. I still get a green check.

Now my question is should I also have the same static ip address set in my router to match the static that I have set in windows network and sharing center? And would that make performance better when ussing torrent if I had it setup in the router as well. Also is that the reason that the server always times out in utorrent when I check the bandwidth and I get a red x.