Question Port forwarding for Utorrent with a netgear nighthawkr7000p?


Aug 24, 2012
Hi I'm trying to forward utorrents port with My netgear nighthawk Router. Now in order for me to do this I have to setup a static ipaddress in my network and sharing center of windows 10. I have done that everything is setup in my router as well.

Now in utorrent in the preferences. in the setup guide I have run the tests and for some reason the server always times out when it checks for the bandwidth I have no idea why? Do you maybe have any ideas why? but On the open ports I get a green check so the open ports are set in the router doesn't matter weather I have automatic port forwarding enabled or not. I still get a green check.

Now my question is should I also have the same static ip address set in my router to match the static that I have set in windows network and sharing center? And would that make performance better when ussing torrent if I had it setup in the router as well. Also is that the reason that the server always times out in utorrent when I check the bandwidth and I get a red x.



Jan 2, 2017
The static IP is just to make it easier - if you had dynamic, you'd need to update every week or so (depends on your router)

However to get priority traffic with seeds, yes you need to do enable incoming ports to make sure no blocking is happening (causing a lower priority in seeds)

  1. Go to utorrent, find the listening port
  2. Go to your router > portfowarding > Add that (listening port) to allowed incoming ports > your IP - the static IP comes in handy here because it doesnt change
  3. Check yougetsignal (online site) to check your port is opening
Not working?

  1. Disable your computer firewall - your router is doing that for you now anyway
  2. Put your PC in DMZ on your router for 2 min just to test - if it works, let me know and we will continue to troubleshoot (take your PC out of DMZ once tested)
Remember - if it says the port is closed, that means nothing is listening - not always that the port is closed