Question Port Forwarding Minecraft Server Basically Cut Off Wireless Connection

Apr 28, 2020
A few days ago I made a post asking how to port forward a minecraft server but noticed that the wireless connection on both the modem and router that was port forwarding was now either slower or didn't work at all.
Like I said before, I'm not too knowledgeable in networking but I feel that setting my router to bridge mode and port forwarding the modem may have caused the slowdown as I have not set my router to bridge mode before until I decided to make the minecraft server.

So I reset both the Linksys(EA6900) router and the ARRIS(NVG468MQ) modem, turning off bridge mode on the Linksys router.

This time I tried to port forward my PC to the Linksys router, then port forward the router to the modem. I was able to get the minecraft server to show a connection status, but I ended up with a connection error when trying to join.

Could someone help me out on this? Also hopefully educate me in knowing what possibly happened to the wireless connection of the modem in the first place.


You may have just gotten things a bit out of order or otherwise misconfigured.

Here are two reference links to help you plan out what needs to be done and the configuration settings to be used.

Key is to plan and set up as applicable to your network/gaming/server environment.

You can easily find other links and even some "how - to" videos. There can be a great deal of variance in accuracy and correctness,

However, overall, you should be able to gain an understanding of the necessary requirements and steps.

Use what you learn to create you own port-forwarding plan step by step, including IP's etc..

If anything, some problem is likely to be very specific and thus directly addressable.

And once everything is working, your plan will prove useful for future troubleshooting or reestablishing the port-forwarding if that becomes necessary.
Jan 27, 2021
We used to have these router/modem "combos" where you sometimes wanted to put them in bridge mode because you wanted to use your use your own router/firewall "behind" it. I don't know your Linksys model but it seems it might be running an openwrt firmware (looks similar to my ISPs Technicolor based routers. In the screenshot it looked like your forwarding settings wasn't "enabled" I haven't tried setting up something similar in my router)? Bridging in routers can mean connecting two wifi APs and/or set the same VLAN on both WiFi and LAN, WAN ports thus getting them on the same network/LAN ( I do this in DD-WRT firmware to connect WAN and LAN ports). You probaly only need TCP forwarded (I didn't look up MineCraft server requirements). Did you set up the MC server to not be able to cut the power to the interface you want to use? We had to do this when running a CrashPlan client in a Windows server. If the MC server has a fixed IP is the DHCP range in the router outside that IP or is it fixed by macaddress/IP number static setting reservation in the router and the server is set to use DHCP (shouldn't matter)? You wrote the MC server works on your LAN? Did you have to open ports in you Windows firewall? (in some firewalls you need to forward ports AND allow them in firewall rules) shouldn't be needed in your router (my router has just a couple of "course" firewall settings - maybe try changing them to allow more traffic temporarily if you have any such settings? ).