Port Forwarding Sonicwall TZ 210


Jul 11, 2007
Hey Guys,

I'm used to working with basic billion modems and port forwarding on them is quite easy, set ext port, set internal port and ip address to direct to and bobs your uncle...

I've inherited a sonicwall which I am playing with and am stuck replicating this functionality.

I know the port forwarding needs to be done in NAT Polices, however I am stuck... I have it set to below:

-Original = Any
-Translated = Original.

- Original = Wan Primary IP
- Translated = (IP Address of machine I want to RDP into)

- Original = Outside Port I want to forward(8200)
- Translated = Service for RDP: TCP (Port 3389 to 3391)

I do not know how to make it say for instance, come in on port 8200(as above) and then port forward to 3389 internally as the above logic in my mind should work??

EDIT: I have verified the firewall exception for tcp 8200 is active and valid from wan to lan.

EDIT: I was connected to the LAN via VPN which of course would mean it is Lan to Lan, I disconnected from the VPN and it worked a charm from an outside network :->

I Might leave this one here as if anyone searches in google re sonicwall port forwarding it will direct them here?

If anyone can help that would be great.

Thanks very much


Jul 18, 2011

Well since you are using port 3389 I'm gonna assume that you are trying to setup this sonicwall port forwarding for Remote Desktop.

Actually you are to create an address object under the network tab. This is to reference the computer that you are gonna be accessing remotely.
Also you are to create an access rule under the firewall tab.

When creating the NAT entry there is no need to create a new service in the service field just choose terminal services from the drop down list. If you do insist on creating a new service then the start port and end port must both be 3389.

If you need a step by step guide feel free to let me know.


Nov 25, 2011

This was very helpful to set up remote desktop access to one computer in my office. If i wanted to add it for another, do i create a new service with a divverent port, so i can create another computer as an address object to forward to?


Aug 11, 2012

I set up Windows Server 2008 on my network, and connected it to the internet with static ip. I got remote desktop working between my laptop and the server Local network, but i could not access remote desktop for my server when i went outside of my network.
As i mentioned, i got remote desktop between my laptop (win7) and my server (Server08) using local internet and using the local IP address (

Unfortunately when i try to connect using remote desktop outside of the network, using externalip:3389, the connection does not go through. I get an error message like "The credentials that were used to connect to xx.xxx.xxx.xx did not work. Please enter new credentials".

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!