Question Port Fowarding Problems on Asus Router

Feb 21, 2020
Hey guys. I am in need of help with a problem that is crushing my mind. I am trying to do a port forward so that I can access a server that I am running locally. I do the whole process on my ASUS RTN 300 router, but when I test if the door is open ( I always get the error "Connection timed out". I will leave some images of my settings in order to facilitate the help you can give me.

My public IP: 179.189. *. *

Port Fowarding
You have the dhcp range technically configured incorrectly but that is not the cause of your problem. Your router could assign the static ip you set on your pc to another machine. Not likely on a small network but not a optimum way to configure dhcp.

This all looks fine. So it means the data never gets to your router....IE the ISP is blocking it. Or the data gets to your router and is sent to your PC but the PC either does not respond or the response is lost.

You must have a program actually running on that port on the PC. It is this program that responds to the scan. It could be firewall settings in the pc preventing this also.

Although it can be kinda overwhelming at first I would load wireshark on the pc. You should then be able to actually see what data your PC receives and what it sends in response.