Portable Gaming/Editing Machine?


Jul 13, 2010
Ladies, gentlemen, I have a dream. A mad, mad dream of course but a dream nonetheless. Soon I'll be studying abroad. I will need a pc. I would like to be able to make use of the Adobe Production Suite CS5 to its full potential. Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premier--primarily. It is also my desire to play games. Currently my roster is slotted only with Eve Online, Portal 2, and bioware's upcoming MMO SWTOR. However if some delicious piece of eyecandy was released I would like to make at least a respectable effort at its high quality settings.

Now here's where it gets complex.

This PC will exist only because its too tremendously expensive to ship my gorgeous, but gigantic workstation overseas to meet me. To prevent this disaster from occurring once again it is my dream to recreate it--in miniature. That's right, two years from now when my studies have completed I want to take this puppy with me on the first plane out of there. Micro-Atx, Micro-ITX, ATX-Micro Tower, whatever works!

Is it possible? Please let me know. American Airlines carry-on dimensions are as follows:

The maximum dimensions cannot exceed any of the following measurements: 22" long x 14" wide x 9" tall or 114cm (56 x 35 x 23 cm). All carry-on items should be stowed in an overhead bin.

Personal item - includes: purse, briefcase, laptop bag OR a similar item such as a tote that does not exceed 36 inches( length+width+height) and must fit under the seat in front of you.

Further details:

Approximate Purchase Date: From now to Early September

Budget Range: 800-1200

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Digital Art, Animation (possibly 3d), Gaming

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I wish it could be Newegg, but unfortunately they don't ship internationally. Perhaps Tigerdirect?

Country of Origin: US

Parts Preferences: My last was AMD and ATI. I have been very satisfied, that being said, whatever gets the job done is fine.

Overclocking: No/Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No/Maybe

Monitor Resolution: High

Additional Comments: Prefer simpler, cleaner case designs (think lian li) than loud, curvy combat boot designs. But honestly, when the mission is this critical I can't afford to be choosy, I'd just prefer it run COOL. My workstation has an AMD Phenom II 1090T BE six core which is just so very, very nice for rendering. I can't help but wonder if its possible to put one in this machine too. Of course if it would only end up being bottlenecked, I suppose there would be no point.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it. Thanks a bunch in advance!
Well this is just a list of part from newegg, which you can keep as a reference for your build,...

CPU - IMO the Core i5 2500 would be a very good option,...

Mobo - Get a good mini-ITX board


Now to the important part -
For high powered cards like 6970/ GTX 570 and above
Or this for say upto 6870 or even 6950/ GTX 560 Ti might be fine,...

Rest are pretty normal stuffs,...
As a student, I am surprised you are not considering a laptop where "carry around" portability is such a huge bonus. You'll have no problem runnong CS5 and playing those games on a Sandy Bridge Laptop such as the Clevo 170HM or 150HM with a nVidia 560M (1.5 GB) .... start at about $100 over ya budget @ $1300 ..... similar models with the 555M (2GB) GFX system start at about $850