Portable hard drive reads but cannot write


Apr 20, 2012
I have some issues with my 500 gb HP Simplesave hard drive. I used it for a while now and there hasn't been any problems with it till now. When I plug it into my mac, it is able read the hard drive. I can watch movies from it, and copy and delete files from it. When I try to put a file onto the hard drive, the transfer process freezes, the hard drive stops working and I have to manually disconnect it. It also makes a weird noise only when I try to transfer things into it. Can someone please help me?


Were you previously using it with a pc? Sounds like its probably formatted as ntfs, which osx can only read from with the default setup. I feel like it usually gives a pretty straightforward error when trying to write to an ntfs drive from osx though so freezing doesn't make a lot of sense. Don't have a mac around atm, or I would test and see.