Question Portable usb does not boot doe hardware change??

Oct 9, 2021
Hello guys!
I have a problem with my pc and im so desparet to fix it but still cannot find any good answer anywhere. I really need your help!!4 The thing is that I already had a config that just worked fine but in the other day my motherboard just gave up and I had to find an other similar MB for my config. Now I have it with everything else, everything works just fine but the system just cannot boot up due to to the motherboard change I suppose. So I figured I have to clean up my winchester C and set up a nee windows and everything but my Portable usb just doesn't works on this pc.When im selecting it in the boot menu to boot from it and piorityses it on Bios when my pc starts its say that "press any key to boot from usb" so the system sees my USB installer and also it works just fin in my friends PC.I also tired to start windows in safe mode to craft aomething in the hardwares but still in windows loading screen it freezes and starts over. But after the loading screen its just fives up the choice to start windows normaly or repair (I still has windows 7 and the USB installer is a win7 installer) It isn't brings be to the installation screen where I can reinstall and clean up my C and D. So pleas if anyone had any ide what is the cour for my problem please comment it down bellow! 😢