Question Portforwarding on a HG2844H Huawei Router


Do you mean HG8245H Router - not HG2845H (typo)?

Do you have the User Guide?

If not, start here:

What specific trouble are you having?

Overall the port-forwarding concept is very much the same but the configuration and setup details do vary with respect to any given router.

Here is a link that should help:

You can easily google for similar links and tutorials. Read through a few of them and then jot down your understanding of what you need to do step by step to set up the port forwarding on your Huawei router.

Walkthrough the steps via the User Guide for your router and set up the configuration applicable to your network environment.

Then, if necessary, post any specific problems or questions.


Jan 23, 2015
Hello Ralston18, I'm having trouble starting up a port forward for a certain port to host a server.

My router has been set up fine, I'm just having issues with the port forward.

The Router I have is HG8244H, not HG8245H (idk why we were given the 8244H)


Thank you for your response, but I've googled alot of guides online, and yet it seems to not make sense for my router. There's no specific setting I can make for the port, and even if I do set a certain port to be forwarded (etc. 25565), it doesn't come up as open when I see a Open Port Checker.