Question Ports not open after port forwarding (For Xbox One ports)

Aug 28, 2019
I am trying to stream from my Xbox to my PC from any network, for that I installed XOON and requires port forwarding on these ports
5050 (UDP/TCP)
4838 (UDP/TCP)
49000-65000 (UDP/TCP)

I also added the other ports of Xbox live for the NAT type to be open which are:
88 (UDP)
3074 (UDP/TCP)
53 (UDP/TCP)
80 (TCP)
500 (UDP)
3544 (UDP)
4500 (UDP)

My router is an Arris TG862G v2
Here's an idea of how it looks
I had previously set up a static IP adress for my console:

So I added the DHCP client with the IP and MAC adress on the console
Added all the prevous ports not only on the virtual servers tab, but also on the port triggers tab
(The left and right boxes of inbound and local port all used the same values)
And enabled DMZ with the same previous IP
And of course rebooted the router
This video is pretty much exactly what I did (which is in spanish by the way)

But then on the port checker software and some online too, none of these ports are apperently open.
And the NAT type on my Xbox does say open apperently, and it is also plugged through ethernet, while my laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi
And so I'm unable to remotly turn on my Xbox with XOON which uses the public IP adress and the Xbox Live ID.
All the info is correct so I believe there is merely some setting this is not opening the ports
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