Question POS PC appears to be dead but PSU looks okay ?

Jul 30, 2021
I have an old POS touchscreen terminal(?) which is basically just a touchscreen pc. One night, the power went out and the terminal no longer turns on. My first thought was the power supply failed but it passed the paper clip test so it's at least partially functional.

When attempting to boot there is no motherboard beep, CPU fan doesn't spin and a red light at the bottom left corner of the board lights up. I don't know if the light is normally on so I'm assuming it indicates when something is incorrectly plugged-in or has failed. The board is a Portwell(?) PEB-4720 if anyone wants to check, I couldn't find a manual that mentions the red light and I've already re-seated all the connections.

Upon cracking it open, the first warning sign was the chipset heatsink that appears to have ripped itself off the board. Which means the chipset could have burnt up, the loose heatsink could have shorted the board or the PSU no longer supplies enough power under load.

Two out of three signs point to buying a new board but I'd like to avoid the case that the board is fine and not waste money. I'm going to find someone willing to take a look at it. In the mean time, I'd like to see if anyone else has any ideas ?


but it passed the paper clip test
Paperclip test only powers on the PSU. It doesn't put any load on it, what-so-ever, so this isn't reliable way to test PSU.
E.g in a similar way, when you turn the car on and it starts and runs on idle, you can not confirm that the car is able to drive just fine, switch gears and the like.

If given the PSU is fine (i still have my doubts), the next in line would be MoBo, since MoBo is usually 1st to go, when PSU acts up due to the power loss.