Question Possibility of undervolting the Phenom II X4 965 BE


Jan 9, 2018
Hello there,

I have a question that I hope some of you can help me with.

I have a Phenom II X4 965 BE cpu that came with its original AMD Heat sink and fan. I bought it as a nice and cheap replacement for Athlon II X2 250 and didn't really mind twice the TDP since I never intended to overclock it or anything of the sort. Also, I bought it because I wanted to play some games that I knew this thing could run well while my Athlon II was unable to cope all that well. It is only for occassional gaming and I honestly did not want to buy a whole new computer just to indulge in some escapism.

The performance is very nice and I am quite pleased with it.

Nevertheless, I became worried a bit about relatively high temperatures this cpu exhibits, even with its original HSF.
It idles at 37-38 °C and around 45-50°C when browsing the internet and going to Youtube. Perhaps it is even some more than 50° in case of the latter. I subjected the cpu to Prime 95 and during the 10 minute run it reached and hovered around 65 to 66° C. I have read that the max safe temperature for this cpu is 62 ° C.
I suppose I should add that where I am now there is a heatwave and ambient temperature in the room is probably in the high 20s. I just wanted to mention it if it turns out to be relevant.

I searched the internet a bit, and aside from buying a new HSF, which is a probably not a bad idea, but I would prefer to keep things as they are, I came across a lot of people claiming to have good luck with moderate undervolting of their cpus without impacting clock speeds and performance. This procedure, the narrative goes, handsomely mitigates the heat output of the undervolted cpu. I also like that this is apparently very safe, and that very few things can go wrong.

Emboldened, I took a few measurements first.

CPU - Z shows my core voltage as 1,332V, while in BIOS, under the main menu heading 'Power', vcore temperature is shown as 1,344V.

I decided to incrementally lower the voltages of my cpu. I had some trouble at first establishing the location of the cpu voltage option location. I finally found what appeared to be it, called CPU OverVoltage, under the item 'Advanced' and submenu 'JumperFreeConfiguration'.
This option is set at 'Auto'. When I pressed '+' key the number 1.0500 or something similar appeared in the bracket where 'Auto' was. When I pressed '+' again I was able to increase this strange number by an increment of 0.00625V, however, the '-' key only worked to the default. 1.0500V or whatever the strange number was.
I returned everything to 'Auto' since I didn't want to engage with something I don't really understand.

I am confused, as only a woefully inexperienced user of BIOS can be. Is this CPU Over Voltage really a CPU Voltage option that can be changed up and down? If so, why does it not say 1,344V?

If not, would someone kindly point me in the right direction? Also, Is it even possible to undervolt in this particular case?

I must admit, I find this fiddling with chip and the possibility of actually doing something 'advanced' with it, more engaging than actually playing games at this point.

If this is not at all possible, I will not consider it a big loss, but I would like to know because the curiosity nags me.

My motherboard is the following:


And the Phenom II X4 965 BE is a 125 w C3 version.

Thank you all.