Possible CPU bottleneck on new build?


Jan 31, 2002
So the build I'm considering right now is going to include 2 4870x2's in Crossfire and a Phenom II 940 (hopefully overclocked to at least 3.6 GHz or so). Is my CPU going to bottleneck my GPU's?
I agree, kind of.

The second card will add very little value because games don't scale well beyond 2 GPUs. So let's take out that second card and discuss the CPU now.

A system with a HD 4870 X2 will do almost exactly the same in games whether it has a Q6600, a (faster) Phenom II 940, or an (even faster) Q9650 overclocked to the max.

So, I guess, the answer is that the CPU will not be a bottleneck, but the second card is pointless. OK, there are exceptions, i.e. exceptionally well programmed games like CoD which scale very well to 4 GPUs, but normally even the third GPU is almost useless.

Also, two HD 4870 X2 cards would need a $250 1KW PSU. With a single HD 4870X2 you can get by nicely with a $80 S75CF 750W.


Aug 6, 2008
ditto aevm i have a Q6600@ 3.6 and 4870 X2 and i was going to get a second one and relizied proformace was bad horrible scaling and somtimes even LOST PROFORMACE also good card to get for half the price of 4870 x2 is a 4850 X2 competes with GTX 280 and is only 224.99$$$!!! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102813 i would of got this if it came out sooner but i was so focused on a 4870 X2.... but what ever you choose it will be a good option