possible CPU problem


Jan 5, 2005
OK. I'd appreciate any help on this one as I'm very stuck.

I have a PC that will reset itself after 10-15 minutes or whenever it is put under load irresepective of what sort of graphics card I put in it (i.e. If I put in any sort of graphics card - it conks out).
I am currently running off the motherbard built in graphics and the PC is stable (but useless for anything but internet and spreadsheets :( )
I believe it is the PSU but I have tried unloading the wattage as much as possible (by removing everything but the mobo and hard drive) but the effect seems the same (i.e exactly the same problem occurs if the machine is loaded with peripheral equipment or not).
I have swapped out the mobo and exactly the same thing occurs so it's definitely not that.
I have also run it with high and low end graphics cards (i.e. powered and unpowered ones) but it still dies.
I can force it to die very quickly by running any sort of game (it'll either freeze or just turn off).

- The CPU and Graphics card temps are both fine
- The CPU has been tested (under load) in another machine
- The graphics cards have been tested (under load) on the other machine
- The PSU runs the other machine OK but the other machine is VERY old and has no AGP slot! so I can't test it properly there.

The PSU is 350W and about 3 years old. Is it possible for it to have this sort of effect on the system (i.e. can it be put under enough load by a single graphics card even with all the peripheral equipment taken out??).
I find this hard to take given that it's running right now with 2CD ROMs, 2 Hard Drives, Various PCI cards and is totally stable.

Unfortunately I do not have a spare PSU and would have to buy a new one to confirm my suspicions - I'd just like a second opinion before I hand over the cash only to find it does exactly the same thing.

Any ideas (no matter how far fetched would be gratefully appreciated)
some info might help...what are your computer specs?
CPU, Board, Ram, Other stuff...
Also what kind of on board video do you have....

sounds like a long shot but you may need to update your chipset drivers[i have seen it many times]. while at it might want to check all the drivers.

Hope something helps.