Possible Dead Radeon 9700pro!

This past weekend, I was installing a 92mm Trilight into my 350watt enermax, no problems there, also did some wire sleeving, which I didn't finish.

I forgot to plug in the power to my radeon 9700pro and attempted to boot. I got that warming message then shut down the system. on the second boot System comes up with a scrambled screen and I smell something burning from inside my tower. My PSU then shuts off by itself. Trying to boot up a third time and my PSU keeps shutting off after about 1 sec. So then I pull the radeon out of my system and try to boot again, and system comes on.

So I believe my radeon somehow my radeon overheated, and i'm trying to RMA it back to ati. Cause I don't believe that should have caused the card to die. What do u think my chances are of getting a replacement card.


Feb 18, 2004
I used enermax with 365 watt but dont have problem with that.i used R 9700 pro too before i changed with 9800 xt.my radeon 9700 pro is die cause vga fan failed.I think u must test with another PSU
I tested it on another computer, system booted and got into windows, but then reset itself, so i basically think the card is damaged. Before this weekend I had the prior setup working no problems for the last year.