Question Possible double build -- Gaming rig for me and workstation for old man

Feb 6, 2020
Okay, got two builds here that I want opinions on, with the caveat that in both cases, the listed PSU is a placeholder as PCPartPicker doesn't have Seasonic's new Focus GX line listed yet. In both cases it's actually a GX-650 80+ Gold.


Likely budget: $2000 CAD

Going with a 2.5" SATA boot drive here since this is my first from-scratch build and I don't feel like futzing around with NVMe for boot yet. Will likely grab an NVMe SSD later on to stick sample library data on as EW Hollywood Series in particular greatly benefits from it.

Old man:

Likely budget: $1600 CAD

John (my old man) does work with VMs (among other things) for the securities industry here in Canada. He runs Linux on the metal and has a Windows 10 license for his main VM already, so no OS needed. Storage, motherboard and CPU can likely be changed. He originally wanted 64 GB of main memory but we both agreed that $500 CAD was WAY too steep to justify it over 32 GB @ $200 CAD.

None of this is set in stone yet but we've been talking it over and he seems amenable to the idea, so I'm going to make this thread anyway.