Possible for speakers to short out/damage sound card?


May 3, 2012
Hi everyone, after a couple of years of having nothing but a pair of headphones for my desktop, I decided to buy some Logitech S-220 speakers. After plugging them into the soundcard jack and making all the connections, I realized that there was no sound. So I tried reinserting the speaker jack, but as soon as I touched it my computer made a weird noise and bluescreened. Upon rebooting, it failed to recognize the sound card (said something like "multimedia audio device - driver not found".)

Out of sheer stubbornness or perhaps stupidity, I decided to try again, this time with the onboard audio. This actually worked for a while, but eventually the sound stopped again. Tried to unplug them, the computer shut down and refused to boot.

Panicked a little bit, unplugged everything, checked the insides to see if anything smelled like burning, everything looked ok. So now the computer's working again (including the sound card, somehow) but I'm definitely not connecting those speakers again. Anyone have something similar happen or knows what could cause this? Thanks.



Never heard of anything like that occurring.


Jan 3, 2011
My guess is that speaker amplifier shorted out in such a way that there was current going through cable that connects your speakers to your card.

But like "sk1939" I've "Never heard of anything like that occurring" before either.
^^ Never have I, but at first glance, it does look like the speakers messed something up. Only other thing I can think of is that jack sensing got messed up in the software, causing the BSOD, and the speakers are actually fine.