Question Possible Graphics Card Issue

Dec 2, 2019
Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for the long message. Okay, so I've been having an issue with my computer for about a month now. When I play games on my computer, mainly rocket league, the screen will freeze, and blue dots will show up on the screen. It will stay frozen for 10-15 seconds, and then the screen goes blue/black and then it shuts down. Occasionally, a message will pop up that says something along the lines of "Ran out of video memory", but this only happens maybe once every 10 times it crashes. Here is a list of things I have done to try to fix this issue along with the specs of my computer (I replaced my motherboard, processor, and ram in an attempt to resolve this)

  • (old) 2012 factory HP motherboard
  • (old) Intel core i7-4790 processor
  • (old) 1 8gb corsair ram stick, 1 4 GB hp ram stick
  • (new) ROG Strix z-390 motherboard
  • (new) Intel core i5-9600k
  • (new) 16gb corsair ram
  • Gigabyte windforce gtx 980ti
  • Corsair TM850M PSU
  • 128 gb SSD
Attempts to fix:
  • Reseated everything inside the desktop.
  • Ran a stress test on the GPU, told to run for 10-20 minutes to be sure, I ran it for 25 minutes with no issues.
  • (as seen above) replaced mobo, processor, and ram
  • uninstalled and reinstalled all GeForce drivers
  • checked all connecting cables to ensure that they work
  • tried startup on just SSD / just harddrive
I really am not sure what the issue could be as I've talked to a lot of people and everyone thinks it's a different issue. I suspect a memory leak in the GPU, but I don't know for sure / don't know how to resolve a memory leak.

I've attached some photos below of the issue. The dots tend to vary in intensity, but for the most part, this is what they look like.

Thank you so much.