Question Possible HDDs/SSDs cables causing blue screens?


Apr 11, 2019
Second BSOD I got is "kernel security check failed" without source file on screen, happened right after I completed windows memory check tool, afterwards I got a pop up from side panel says "no errors detected". Then the first BSOD "system service exception" this time source file is win32nt something. I did basically everything, checked all the drives for disk errors, uninstalled all the third party software including msi afterburner, did a clean install of my gpu drivers in safe mode. BSOD afterwards turn on/off loop with a strange noise. BUT: here is the things getting interesting: Both BSOD happened then I waited a few seconds, touched my all drive cables, pushed them a bit into their place which they already in place but whatever, voila, PC suddenly starts and boots without issues in first try. This happened twice after doing exact same thing. BTW: chkdsk says there is no bad sectors.

Should I unplug the drive cables then replug just to be sure to ensure this issue completely fixed?