Possible monitor going bad?


Oct 28, 2011
Hello, I have an issue with what I believe is my monitor but I would like input from others. I did a search through the forums and I couldn't seem to find anything pertaining to my certain issue. I can usually find the answer to my questions here aside from this one, so I finally made an account.

Anyway, the issue I am having is a high pitch noise coming from the back of my monitor (SAMSUNG SyncMaster 2232BWPlus 8000:1 DC 2ms LCD) near the top where the vent is. The sound is most audible when only the desktop is pulled up and it seems to make no difference of the color scheme but is less audible if Firefox or a game is pulled up. Yes, I tried listening for it when I had both pulled up as other activities could distract your attention making you think the sound is gone. The very top of the monitor, including the top portion of the screen gets extremely warm.

Scenarios I have tried:
Drop resolution in order to change the refresh rate. 1680*1050 only supports 60Hz
Trying different video cards (XFX GeForce 7600 GT and Radeon HD 3870) with same results. I have gotten a few driver crashes, but I tried on another monitor and the issue is not replicated. Which leads me to believe it might be the monitor.
Changing the brightness/contrast.

I am open for any input that might shine some light on my issue. Also, if I posted in the wrong area, I apologize in advance.

System Specs: (in case it gets asked) Monitor is listed above in second paragraph

Case: Cooler Master HAF 912
CPU: i5 Sandy Bridge 2500k 4.2 GHz
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8G (2x4G) Dual Channeled
MOBO: ASRock Extreme4 Generation 3 P67
GPU: EVGA 560 Ti Superclocked
PSU: Corsair Enthusiast 850W


Jul 6, 2011
It seems as if the cheap capacitors manufacturers’ use in these LCDs start to resonate at a high pitch frequency that is very annoying in a quiet room.
Try adjusting the brightness of the LCD that should help