Possible Motherboard Issue


Oct 22, 2011

I have an HP Pavilion Elite HPE 210y (stock). I came home one day to find that the computer had shut itself down. I started it up, saw a blue screen that said something about needing to repair something that had to do with the start up process. I don't remember the screen that clearly, because it instantaneously shut down again. I tried to power it back up, but it then turned on with the fans running like crazy and no signal at all being sent to my monitor. Without being able to see what was on the screen, I held down the power button to shut it off, but it did absolutely nothing. I ended up having to turn it off by killing the power to the PSU. It continues to do this, despite replacing the PSU. Any thoughts?
Yeah. Time for a new board. If hp won't replace it for free, check ebay or craigslist unless it's a laptop. I wouldn't try changing out those boards yourself. Too many fine connections that can be damaged by handling.