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Question Possible motherboard issues

Jun 26, 2020
Hi , so I have a custom built gaming PC and i'll admit I do not know the most about hardware but ever since I built my pc about 2 years ago ive had issues on and off like games that I should be able to run crash alot or just stop responding randomly, my screen will go black and I will get DVI not detected, or my pc will crash with stopcode video scheduler internal error. I know these are all graphics card issues and I have tried everything to fix it such as constantly updating my graphics card, checking for viruses, doing a factory reset, cleaning my case monthly, I even upgraded my graphics card twice in hopes that would solve my issues, but they seem to persist so I was wondering if maybe there could be an issue with my motherboard and how its interacting with my graphics card?


Factory reset puts you back on an old version of Windows. You need to be on a NEWER version of Windows that is compatible with current driver versions. Older Windows builds are generally not.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you do a clean install as a starting point and since you clearly HAVEN'T ever done that, I think there's a good chance it will fix your problem if it isn't simply due to faulty hardware.