Possible overclocking a phenom 2 965


Jun 17, 2009
So I got myself a nice shiny new Phenom II X4 965BE a few weeks back.

I have read online that you can easily OC this CPU to about 3.8 - 4.0 Ghz without any voltage changes, which is interesting. What im stuck with though, is that I don't need to OC, with the combination of my video card.

Problem; I love OCing. You could say that I NEED to OC. :pfff:

What im wondering about though, is whether it will give me noticeable performance gain, and what it's effect on it's lifetime would be.

Temperatures I am currently getting:
Idle: 29 - 31 C
Load: 47 - 48 C (using prime 95)
Room Temperature: 25 C. (warm, it's the middle east)

Thank you for any advice.