Question Possible partly dead motherboard

Sep 26, 2023
I decided I wanted to use liquid metal on my PC in my infinite wisdom I forgot it might drip a tiny bit, it dropped into my motherboard I cleaned it up made sure to get it all I don't think I lt it all.

When I powered the PC motherboard lights came on but no power I moved in a certain now now all of a sudden I mostly have power.

I have a static orange Dram light on my Asus crosshair VIII hero I have tried one stick in every slot I need to try all 4 in every slot but the light persists I have a clear CMOS button on my board which I have done but now two of my fans don't sin and the RGB on he aio pump has stopped working I have all that connected to a Corsair commande pro and light node which I have not played with yet. I am just unsure if the drip caused the board or maybe the ram slots to be damaged or if the CPU got damaged and is now not delivering data correctly.

Anything I missed please ask and thank you for any help