Question Possible Power Supply issue with custom built machine.

Nov 19, 2018
I have a problem with a custom built machine that I am completely stumped on. It feels like it is a Power Supply problem.

Basically, this is a custom built vmix machine that I built to provide IMAG, Recording, and Streaming ability to my employer. I was finishing up a couple of hardware upgrades (GTX 1050 ti SC for monitors and a separate RTX 2060 exclusively for rendering openGL and other content.) When I was placing the machine back into the desk in our control booth, I had bumped the back feet of the case and the machine Immediately does a hard shutdown. I tried to bring it back up. Nothing happened. I opened up the case and did a visual inspection to see if there is anything that came loose. Nothing that I could see. I opened up the PSU (which is long out of warranty as it is five or 6 years old), and did a visual inspection. Nothing that I could see. What is even more puzzling is that when the machine is plugged in, the lighting on the motherboard is on as usual; which means that there is power getting to the mother board.

My Specs are as follows:
Processor: Intel Core I7-8700k @ 3.7 GHZ
Ram: 16gb DDR4 in a 2x8gb config
Motherboard: Asus Z390-Prime
GPU: GTX 1050ti SC (Primary) and RTX 2060 (Secondary)
Power Supply: Corsair cs750 750 watt
Case: AeroCool Cylon
Other Cards: Blackmagic Decklink MiniRecorder, Blackmagic Decklink MiniMonitor, Elgato HD60 pro.

I am wondering if anyone here in the Toms Hardware community might know of something to try.

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