Possible power-supply issue?


Apr 21, 2011
When I built my PC I installed a 500w power-supply because that would be enough, since then I've been adding a lot of led's and fans plus water cooling parts. I have the PSU switched to 115 volts I Believe, If I switch it to the other setting I can hear my fans power down / slow down. So I keep it at 115v. The issue that's started after Installing the new fans is: (Doesent ALWAYS happen) When I start my pc, it'll boot and once I get to the windows 8 login screen the monitor will turn its display off (The light on my monitor turns orange saying there is no output, so I force power down the pc and let it boot again, it gets to the login screen just fine again and then I can login and use it as long as I want, even playing demanding games just fine. What could this issue be?

I'm concerned my mobo could be the issue with my display, but I also feel it could be the PSU (Yet it runs fine when I restart the pc)

3 fans that run 1200rpm with 15 led's in each fan
1 Corsair h60 coolin (2013 edition)
fx6300 cpu (No over clock)
nvidia gtx 750ti sc (no overclock)
500w power supply.

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