Question Possible PSU and mobo damage

Nov 18, 2020
So I think I messed up big time.

Yesterday I decided to clean my pc. When I took the PSU off, I saw that there were a lot of dust inside. So my first major mistake was probably opening the PSU internally to clean it. Once I finished, I reassembled it. Then I got the components back together and tried to turn on my system, I heard a click from PSU, the system turned on and off for 1 sec. So this is where mistake 2 comes. I then for some reason reconnected the PSU and it happened again, but this time I spammed the power button. Same thing happened. Later I tried to run my system on working PSU but this time I got nothing: no lights or fan spin. Im guessing I fried my mobo too, but just to make sure, Im still asking.

Mobo and PSU doesn't look to have any external damage.

And yes, I am aware that that was stupid of me and that the big capacitors are dangerous. So if anyone can confirm that I need new PSU and mobo or could just provide help, I would appreciate it.