Question Possible RAM Issues

Aug 16, 2019
Hello all,
I have been having some issues with my PC the past week. I currently have multiple threads up in the system pages within multiple websites but I am starting to think it may be RAM (hardware) related.

I have had a lot of help and the great people are still trying to assist me. While they do that, I wanted to pose the question to some RAM experts and see thought.

I have been getting a lot of BSODs which started the hunt I am now on. I have tried everything suggested to no avail. This includes:
  • Multiple versions of hard drive checks
  • Multiple fresh windows installs
  • Windows mem test
  • memtest 86 runs
  • driver updating
  • BIOS updates
My set-up is below:
  • Corsair CX550M 550 Watts power supply
  • Samsung 970 EVO NVME M.2 (500gb)
  • MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi
  • MSI GamingX GEFORCE 1660 Ti graphics card
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Corsair Vengeance Ram 3.2 GHZ (2X8)
I am currently running memtest again on each stick of ram in slots A2/B2 to complete one final test.

I am debating on buying some RAM just to see if it could possible be the issue. But, none of the mem tests I have done has sown any error.

Just reaching out to see if anyone else has any other ideas.

Please let me know what you need of me and I will try my best to get it to you.