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Question Possible Repair for LCD Monitor "Stuck" in Sleep Mode


Feb 19, 2009
Hey Guys -

I've got an LG IPS235VX monitor which I use on my computer as the 2nd monitor. I turned it off this morning for a while and when turning back on, nothing came up. I did some basic troubleshooting to no avail so did some research and seemingly there are a variety of checks and fixes out there - even putting one of its boards in the oven, Before opening up and attempting anything, I wanted to post to see if anyone had recommendations based on the exact issue I'm experiencing. Below is a list of tests performed with results.

Issue Characteristics
  • When powered on, screen is 100% black and power button flashes blue (Usually means its in sleep mode)
  • Nothing is displayed on screen when menu buttons are pressed
  • Disconnected power, waited 20 minutes, reconnected - no change
  • Reseated DVI cable - no change
  • Replaced DVI cable - no change
  • PC does recognize display is connected
Any suggestions are appreciated - Thank You!