Mar 17, 2019
I am writing this article to help those who were in the same situation as I were.

A couple of months ago I decided to build my first PC by myself. Once I had build it, I started it up and I didn't get any output to my display. Tried some random things and nothing worked until I reset CMOS, which did the tick.

During the next 2 months, the computer froze constantly without any sign of stopping. It froze about every 2-5 minutes. I was playing primarily GTA Online at the time, and every single time my game froze, I got disconnected to the session and forced to re-join. This was especially frustrating when in an important mission, and was forced to re-do the whole thing because my PC froze. You can see how this would be a serious issue.

I thought I was gonna break my desk in half most of the time. I tried everything I and the internet could think of - but to no success. That was until I after two whole months of constant headaches, punches, sweat and tear I decided to pay the SSD manufacturers website a visit. I downloaded their program called Kingston SSD Manager. Once in the application, an update to my SSD was available. I downloaded and installed the update, and from that point forth, my PC was no longer constantly freezing.

Remember, I was, and still am, fairly new to the PC scene. The fact that a simple firmware update was all it took, still haunts me to this day, but thank god I finally figured it out. The reason I didn't look for a firmware update earlier was that I had tried to update my SSD in the windows device manager, and it said that the driver was up to date.

So the point is if your computer is freezing look at the manufacturer of your drive for a driver update/updater and try it if you havent already.

I truly hope this helps someone who is in the same boat as I was in.
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