Question Possible to install windows xp from a flash drive?

Sep 11, 2019
Hey All,

I am trying to install windows xp 32-bit on to a Intel compute stick with the Intel Atom Z3735f processor. It already has Windows 10 installed but at idle the system is using close to 35-40 percent of the processor and over half the ram. I am trying to redline this thing as much as possible as well as use it as a way to watch movies/youtube on the web. I know windows xp is not very practical because its at the end of its service lifetime but it also requires super low end specs to run which is what im going for. I suppose i could use linux to try and get the ram and processor usage down but im not familiar with it at all. Is there any way to insert a usb flash drive to install windows xp from onto the onboard flash memory? It only has 1 USB port so it might be a bit of a challenge but like i said its basically impossible to use comfortably in its current state. The only other port on the compute stick is a micro-sd card port but ive read that it is impossible to install windows xp onto that. Thanks for the help in advance.
Windows 10 is pretty light as far as windows versions go, I doubt that you will gain much from going to XP plus that XP will probably not be able to even see lot of the hardware have you checked if there are drivers?

You can use programs like rufus or isotousb but make sure you have a way to go back to the default installation.