Question Possible to Remove Black Spots From Monitor Screen?


Oct 3, 2013
Have an old asus monitor that is 24 inch and is 1920 x 1200 resolution. Didn't use it for over a year and basically put it away in the apartment but the issue is my apartment is not only humid, im pretty sure i got water on the screen due to me putting certain things near it that gets in contact with water. So i didn't check that monitor for a long time until one of my other monitor, samsung tv monitor which has the same exact resolution screen as the old asus monitor flickers a lot to where its not possible to use so . its like a rainbow color flicker line washed out so to speak. That samsung monitor im pretty certain is done.

So i currently use a 32 inch 4k monitor together with the asus monitor on my dell xps 9550. The issue with the asus monitor is there are ton of black spots throughout the screen. it still is useable for me though. But is there a way to remove these black spots? There is a very good chance these spots has been there for more than a year etc. Best way i can describe these spots are like imagine a whole bunch of black ink marks thoughout the asus monitor. Does anyone know what that is? Do i need to post picture? Most likely its water related right? Again im pretty certain water might have touched the screen because when i stored it, certain things probably touched it that had water in it. But can these spots be removed?