Possible to stream using belkin windows easy transfer cable?




I have a laptop and a desktop both running win7 x64. What I want to do is stream movies from my laptop to my desktop. I have a basic adsl2+ modem with one ethernet and one usb connection, I can connect the two PCs using these through homegroup but unfortunately it gives only 12Mbps speed on USB side which is too slow and causes most videos to stutter. I have the belkin's windows easy transfer cable f5u279 which I use to transfer downloaded files from desktop to laptop using the basic pclinq3 program. Now this program can do almost everything- cut, paste, delete, move etc etc but I dont seem to be able to find a way to stream media or run files in current location. If I try to double click and run a movie or music or an application, the file is first copied to temporary location and then started. Also in device manager I see the cable shown as mass storage device and not as network adapter because of which I am unable to setup networking/homegroup using this cable.

Could someone elighten me on how to use the cable to share/stream videos and files?
That Belkin easy transfer cable is only for special purposes, as the name suggests, transferring files. It's not intended for network streaming. And as you’ve seen, it’s not even recognized as a network adapter!

Instead, you should using standard networking equipment and protocols to get these computers working together. Anything less is just a headache and will never produce good results. Ideally that would be a wireless router.