Possible to switch between DVI monitors?

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Aug 23, 2011
I'm currently about to build a new workstation that will have a graphics card (GTX 580) that will support 2 monitors. However, I have 2 monitors AND a Cintiq (basically a third monitor) that I need access to. I don't mind shutting down one of my monitors when using the Cintiq, i.e. switching from one monitor to the Cintiq, but I'd prefer not to have to climb behind my rig and do a manual switching of cables every time I want to make the switch.

I see 3 possible scenarios, but need some advice:

1) I need a reverse KVM type of switch that will allow me to switch between monitor #2 and the Cintiq on the fly. BUT, I can't find such a beast anywhere! Is there even such a device in existence? If so, what's the product? Cause I've been lookin.


2) Would it be possible to use the onboard graphics of my Intel Core i7 CPU to run the Cintiq at the same time as the 580 is driving my other 2 monitors? Of course this would require a motherboard with a DVI port, which I'm not sure exists either at this point.

3) Get a GTX 590 which supports 3 monitors. Can't afford this option right now.

Any advice would be great.

thank you.
How about a 2-Way DVI Switch Box device like this?

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