Question Possibly damaged RTX 2080Ti with overclock. Please help!


Feb 22, 2015
I OC'd my RTX 2080Ti, with a modest +150 on the core clock. It appeared stable in stress tests, benchmarks, and other games, but it crashed Borderlands 3 with a DirectX error after some playtime. It should be noted that I crashed with the same error multiple times before applying an overclock. My friend did as well, and he has never overclocked. Now, every game and benchmark I try to launch crashes, usually with a DirectX error, as soon as there is a scene to render. I have tried the following troubleshooting steps:

Restarted PC
Reset clocks to default
Significantly underclocked GPU Core (this resulted in Heaven being able to run without artifacting)
Reinstalled Nvidia driver
Rolled back Nvidia driver
This process:
Shut down PC and removed power, held power button for 30 seconds
Removed GPU power and held power button for 30 seconds
Reset BIOS to default settings
Reseated GPU

I hope I didn't damage my GPU. From what I understand and what I've been reading, it should be nearly impossible to damage the card with software overclocking. I also had a pretty modest OC compared to others that I've seen. Temperatures never exceeded 73C.

I have since gotten Heaven to run in DirectX 9 on minimal settings for a few seconds, but it shows severe artifacting. FurMark will also run for a couple seconds with artifacting as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance.

EDIT: Discovered that significantly reducing memory clock results in stable performance without artifacting.
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