Possibly Fearing A Loss, DoJ Postpones iPhone Unlocking Hearing

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Caanis Lupus

Dec 24, 2014
The Justice Department can continue to try and compel other companies, perhaps smaller ones, that wouldn’t have the courage to take on the government the way Apple did, or those that are friendlier to the U.S. government.

Is friendlier really the tone for this? Maybe looking for submissive.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Math Geek

Now if only the big companies would stand together against such strong arm tactics when they go after smaller more vulnerable companies. we all know it's coming and if apple would stand up for them we would all be in a better place. one united front against the gov's prying wishlist and they'd never get any of it pushed through.


Jan 20, 2007
If I were Tim Cook, I would be more worried about this (supposedly) new hacking technique than I would be about the order to create GovtOS.
As for this being "a big win for Apple" that's just wishful thinking. The Feds will be back, and next time they'll have an even more emotional test case. How do you think it would go if they were to say next week that Farook had been in contact with the Belgian bombers, and that if Apple had acquiesced (rather than fought back) today's murders in Brussels could have been prevented?


May 6, 2009
Terrorists work in cells there is no connection with Farook and the other terrorists over in Belgium, they are terrorists and basically believe in the same stupid ideology and basically follow their mantra and that is why they all seem connected.

The big problem is the news, it's one to send the messages to the intended targets and their own followers. You get one that start and you hear it in the news, you catch the guy(s) and few days later there is another attack, it just daisy chain. The more the media will provide details the worse it will get.

The terrorist don't use cell phone except at the very last moment when they want to do their attacks they know their cell phones communications are tracked, they use burner that is not even encrypted because in the last minute it's just too late to catch them anyway. Burner cell should be illegal in the first place. Every cell phone should be registered to somebody period, is it doable I don't know.

This has been proved that after the Snowden incident that they could not catch a lot of peoples with cell phone, they did don't get me wrong but to pinpoint terrorists it's mostly useless for those attacks.

So this whole thing about giving away our privacy and putting a back door on cell phones does not render security but less.

As for the access to authorities to have access to cell network well they need to have a way at least to catch the criminals even though for terrorist seem pointless but there is dumb wannabe terrorist so that is at least that.

All in all no backdoor to the cell phones if they can do it the hard way it's one thing because only some company and authority have the mean to make it happen but a backdoor anybody could have access to any cell phones just a matter of time.
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