Question Possibly the strangest monitor malfunction question


Nov 25, 2017
So I have a unique issue. I have a three monitor setup. Left is a g24c, middle and right are both LG's. The g24c has been going out for a while, if you shut it down it takes forever to warm up, the length of time shut down is correlative to how long it takes to turn on (sometimes hours). It has horizontal lines, flickering, but will eventually get up to its normal self given enough time (tried hdmi and displayport). I figured the screen was going out, no problem. I set the screen so it never turns off. However, the strangest thing happened the other day as I did a fresh reinstall of windows and forgot it has a power saver mode. It shut my screen down for 30 minutes or so, but when I came back to turn it on, it was fine. This was odd to me.

When I disable my third screen, the g24c will suddenly go haywire, giving the symptom of lines and flickering like it's been off. As soon as I reconnect the third screen, the g24c will work fine again. What the heck is going on?


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS version information.

Include PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition.

This monitor:

How old is the g24c?

Will the g24c work without any problems on another known working computer?

How is each monitor connected to the host computer: Motherboard video port, GPU video port? Connection: VGA DVI, HDMI, DP?

How are you shutting down, turning on, disabling, and reconnecting the third screen?

What specific actions/procedures are you using?

For example:

"When I disable my third screen, the g24c will suddenly go haywire " - just what do you do?