Post Boot Problems


Feb 13, 2003
Ok lets start out with system specs
256 pc2700
Geforce2 GTS
WD 40G

Now I just put the new mobo in and the computer boots and recognizes all the drives. This is where it gets tricky I want it to boot from my windows disk (I changed the boot order cdrom-hdd-floppy). Ok I hit f1 the screen asking me to hit any key to continue I press a few keys and the curser moves but nothing happens, a few seconds later the windows failed to start screen comes up and the keyboard is not responding so the timer counts down and windows trys to start normally but all that comes up is the blue screen of death. So does anyone know why it wont let me into the windows install screen? I want the hd formatted and a fresh copy of windows on my comp.

The only thing I can think of is to stick the drive into another computer and format it there, The two things with that though is 1:Can I format this ntfs hd in a fat32 computer and 2:how? I've never added a second hd to a computer so what do you do to format the second hd that already has stuff on it ?
Win2k and WinXP put the Windows disk in the CDROM drive, Boot up the computer and watch the bottom left of the screen, when you see boot from CDROM appear press enter, you have about 5 seconds to press enter, or the system will continue looking for a bootable device.

Details, Details, Its all in the Details, If you need help, Don't leave out the Details.

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