Question Post screen shows, but No Signal Detected when it tries to boot, won't open bios even

Feb 17, 2019
So I've been working on my brothers computer, I took My 970 out of it to test another system and it worked fine, but when i put it back in It was stuck at a funky resolution, 1024x768, I switched moniters, same issue, switched GPU's same issue, DDU'd the GPU drivers, reinstalled no fix, Used CRU and got the resolutions back, but it would be finicky on start up, as stated in title, Now it won't start up at all, and when removing the GPU and attempting onboard startup It won't even show the post screen. Ideas are welcomed. Flashing BIOS as I write this, and if that doesnt do it I am going to take the OS drive out and format it with my computer and reinstall windows, My best guess is a Driver conflict or something of that nature. but I am at a loss as to what is happening.