Posting Disappearing Still

Come on guys, we have had this now for a long time and still it occurs.

You reply to a post for help from main page or forum, spend the time getting an answer only for it to disappear in the wild blue yonder when you hit submit.

Sometimes it may it actually get posted, but does not show until you refresh the thread.

Being honest, I sometimes just give up and move on long post, which isn't helpful for the poor soul in need of help, but you just get P'd off.


Burned a few times, I've started copying my answer before hitting the answer button if it's more than a few lines. Sort of low tech, but effective.

I figured it was just me (or some NSA filter), but the time for my pages to open or refresh is quite long and I've only noticed it on Tom's, otherwise my 60Mbps low latency wired Internet is almost instantaneous.

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It's happened to me but not for a month or more. I got in the habit of clipboarding every reply I wrote, however small, and sometimes the F5 key would help the post stick. The development team are working to eliminate the problem.


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We'll need more to go on this. Our goal here is to attempt to replicate the problem on our end so we can narrow down the root cause, diagnose the issue and resolve it.

Could you help us with steps to duplicate the problem, guys? When does it happen for you, in terms of timestamps, and on what pages? What threads? What browser are you using? Any extensions out of the ordinary installed?

Details will go a long way towards remedying this.


FF24, FF25 takes forever to impose an action (like delete a duplicate post), answers also post quite slow, sometimes requiring a copy, reopen window, paste and resubmit.

I've not noticed on any other forums or websites.