Sep 14, 2021
I’m about to lose my mind. My computer was working perfectly fine until I plugged in a second gpu and now I cannot get it to post no matter what I do. The integrated graphics work however my mobo refuses to detect any graphics cards. Whenever I try to boot using my graphics card I get 5 quick beeps and the vga light stays on. Whenever I turn on my pc the lights and fans all behave as usual. My build is:
Mobo: z590 pro ax
Gpu1: rtx 3070 ti
Gpu2: gtx 670
Ram: 4x8 trident z
Cpu: intel 10700k
Psu: 850w
So far, I have tried all of these
Returning to original setup
Trying different ports
Checking all connections
Swapping gpu’s
Swapping dp cable for hdmi
Resetting cmos
I don’t know what else to try, I am 100% positive my cards are not dead or faulty. I cannot delete and reinstall drivers because my cards are not detected in the bios/windows. Also for whatever reason whenever I am using integrated graphics, wifi no longer works which is a problem because there are no Ethernet ports in the room. On top of this my m.2 drive does not appear either but my regular ssd (the one with windows installed) is working fine


Jan 28, 2022
Hello, are you running the latest motherboard bios?
Try removing one stick of ram and then try to boot up your pc, I also had a problem when my pc wouldn't want to turn on, so I removed one stick of ram and then it booted just fine, but of course I shut it down and then put the other stick of ram back in, and it worked.
You should try and do the same, i don't think your gpus are dead, or maybe remove two stick of ram and see if it has any effect.
Try this with your 3070 ti first.
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Sep 14, 2021
Thanks for the answers, I will try these and report back
After removing/trying different configurations of ram, still no improvement. I reset the cmos and as usual my pc posted no problem with the integrated graphics, the second I add my gpu and plug in the dp cable in it, no signal. The psu is EVGA 850 gold + so I doubt it is causing any issues.