Mar 6, 2004
Hey guys..

I have an AMD Athlon 2500+ running at normal 2500 speed.. Everything works fine sometimes.. My bios with sometimes detect it to be a 1900, instead of 2500+. It also runs slower. Its supposed to be at 1.8 gig but instead its 1.4.. Its not much of a speed lose I would guess, but I paid for it. I want it all. It sometimes also sees it as the 2500.. Anyone else exouncter this problem?

Old System:packard Bell Legend 3550,200 mhz cpu,72mb ram,8mb video,2gb hdd.
NEW System:ECS N2U400-A,512 mb ram,AMD Athlon 2500+, 64 mb video, SOUND, on board lan, USB Ports, 120 Gb HDD


Former Staff
Sounds like you have it running at 133MHz FSB rather than 166. Those are the actual clock speeds (as seen in BIOS) for AMD's 266 and 333 bus speeds.

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