Potential hard drive failure? Unsure how to solve, very unusual. Please help

Kawaii Penguin

May 21, 2015
I've been noticing an issue recently with my hard drive in my PC.

Every time I restart my PC, it begins a cycle of BSOD's, and basically keeps on repeating the OS startup.

The first time this happened I managed to boot up my OS properly after some time but now I believe something got seriously corrupt somehow.

This is how the cycle repeats.
The bios starts up, then starts the OS. The OS starts loading and then simply crashes, causing a typical BSOD situation.
The computer then restarts and repeats this process.
Over time the computer notices the chain of restarts and automatically commences repair mode. Which I'm redirected to a ui containing options on repairing my PC.

This is a custom build and I have tampered with the hard drive before, but not to the point to where it would corrupt in such an odd way.

I managed to catch a very very very quick glimpse of the error message, as it usually goes away in .2 seconds as far as ive observed.

I'll see if I can upload a picture on mobile , but the error message said the following (at least what I could read of it)


After noticing this, I have a good feeling that the issue is in regards to this system file being corrupt somehow.

Also, I am running Windows 8.

Please assist me in saving my PC. Thank you greatly in advance.