Question Potential Malicous connection on Phone Hotspot - Should I be concerned.


Aug 4, 2018
Hey everyone, long story short I have a oneplus 7 pro and wanted to connect my notebook with the phone via WLAN-Hotspot. The hotspot had a terrible easy (temporary) password (I know, this should not happen to soneone who"s EVEN IN CS/IT!) but, I was tired, do the last bits and I just wanted to leave the library, hey it is what it is.

Someone defintely saw the password as I noticed it physically (afterwards) and on the phone (aside notebook was another device connected) so I turned off the hotspot and left as I have done everything (dont worry nothing [important] was transmitted).
My concern is, beyond my cyber security ignorance and stupidity, could there be a fallout from allowing an unwanted device connecting to your hotspot?
Lets go for the absolute worst case and pretend the snooper/attacker had bad intentions and wants to idk listen to your mic or hijack your cam (thank god 1+7 has a pop-up camera, not one of those vomiting punchhole cameras "dEsIgN") even after you leave their proximity.
Can the attacker still have access to said components even after I restarted the device, wiped cache and didnt install anything or accept anything from them?


Okay: you are in CS/IT and it is acceptable/understandable that you were tired.

As a CS/IT person pretend that you are at work and your boss asked you the same questions.

My suggestion:

Do some research, do your own analysis, reach your own conclusions, and (lastly) document how you would respond to your boss.

Post accordingly and then ask for additional comment.
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