Question Potential Motherboard Issues

Aug 6, 2019
Hi! I’m new to this whole experience in PCs so troubleshooting is not my forte and I apologize if this is an easy fix in advance. Every time I press the power button my computer does not fully start. I always have to hit the reset button to fully start up my GPU and fans, some ARGB components, etc. This only recently started occurring after a faulty power supply fried my HDD and SSD so I replaced that and the problem still persists. Coincidentally I did upgrade my GPU but the problem still persists and I do believe everything gets enough power. I did switch some ARGB connections around and got a successful cold boot one time. I think I have boiled it down to a motherboard issue or case and would enjoy any help anyone can bring!

Ryzen 5 1600
Power Color AMD Vega 56
Corsair 750W Gold+ PSU
Gigabyte B450M D3SH Motherboard
ARGB component that does not light up is my Coolermaster 240L CPU cooler

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this annoys me each and every time I wanna play!