Potential problem with cpu cooling


Jan 5, 2009
Good evening everyone!
So, lets jump right into the fray:
I use a q6600 on a GA-p35-DS4 with my newly installed Zalman Cnps9700.
A couple of days ago i began overclocking, and raised my clock from 2,4 to a 3,2 GHz. This resulted in a slight raise in vCore, from 1,2875 to 1,3000.
Now, my idle temperature is around 40 and my load is around 60- 65 degrees celsius.
When reading on the net everybody else using this cooler and overclocking a bit idles around 25 and load around 40, tops.
Therefore i have to wonder what could have went wrong in my case.
If i used to much thermal paste, or got some undesired particles between the heatsink and the cpu, could it result in suck large temperature differs?
And also, i installed a fan mate 2 (potentiometer, 5- 11 V) for the fan, and the change in temperature when going 5 volt and 11 volt, is around 5 degrees only! Is this some sign of my cooler not being installed properly?
Ive checked to se if it lays good onto the cpu heat case and it does!
Also, are the temps (Idle:40, Load:60-65) good to go wth or am i in any danger zones?
Thx in advance dear gentlemen of the OC- Scene!


Nov 20, 2007
I would reset and check for proper application of the TIM. And make sure the HS is properly installed. If it has pins, are you sure they are locked down? Really sure?

And what are you using to monitor temps?