Question Potential Thermal Paste Issue

Jan 28, 2020
So, I recently installed a new motherboard and CPU, Ryzen 7 2700X ( Using the stock cooler( RGB Wraith Cooler ) ) and Asus B450-Plus Motherboard. I had a little trouble installing the fan as one of the hooks wasn't reaching the clip. What ended up happening was the heatsink ( which had pre applied thermal paste on it ) kept making firm contact with the CPU and then being pulled away as I tried to readjust the hooks on the heatsink. Anyway, I finally got the Fan and Heatsink on securely, however I noticed that my fans were being very loud. My old CPU was an i5 6500. I play a pretty small game called Software Inc which is a business sim and I played on both CPUs. The fan on my wraith cooler with my new CPU was getting very loud whereas with my other CPU I never really noticed any noise at all. So I checked Core Temp, and discovered that while under virtually no load ( 10% or less ) on all cores the CPUs were reaching temps of around 50 degrees, and when under very little load ( 20% ) it reached around 60. I'm not sure if this is an issue with poor cooling for my now more powerful CPU however I suspect it's due to the thermal paste being incorrectly applied. Any Ideas?

P.S I haven't overclocked the CPU at all.


It might have something to do with a bad mount job as you say, but it is more likely that it is due to the fact that your CPU really is too much for it's stock cooler to handle without being noisy. Your temps are still within spec, so long as under a full load you are not exceeding 80°C, but I think you would likely be a lot happier since noise levels are obviously a concern to you, if you went with an aftermarket air cooler that would do a far better job and do it far quieter than the stock cooler can.

If you are interested in recommendations on an aftermarket cooler, I'm happy to provide those. If so, it would be helpful to know what kind of budget you might be able to put towards a better cooler and also what country you are in, so that I will know what coolers are actually available to you in your region.

Aside from that, it is a good idea to double, or triple check, that the cooler is actually FULLY seated. It is very easy for a cooler to not be fully seated or for there to be some problem with the mount job. Taking it back off and doing it again so that you can check to see that everything is right might not be the worst idea either. Make sure all hardware including the backplate and mounting bracket, are snug.