Question Potentially faulty graphics card

May 26, 2020
I own a Alienware X51 R2. The graphics card is a Geforce GTX 960. The PC was broken before and was fixed by Dell. It had its graphic card replaced and it was the only part listed to being changed. I have only have had it for 2 weeks and it has already been having issues. The PC suddenly turned off while playing a game. There weren't any signs of a crash. No performance issues, loud fans, or overheating. It was sudden.

The PC has trouble booting up most of the time and will turn off and restart until it finally manages to boot up windows 10. The power light would dim and wouldn't respond to being pressed unless held until it turned off. Turning it off, unplugging it, holding the power button down for 30 seconds, and finally plugging it back in will instantly cause it to boot up. The fans would get loud and the lights would turn on only to turn off and dim.

I can get it to boot most times but now I cannot play any 3D videogames. They will almost immediately crash when getting in-game. There wasn't any BSOD either. No crash reports or error codes. I don't even know where to start when I do boot it up. I've reinstalled the graphics card driver and updated it to the most recent driver. I've had the Nvidia inspector open when opening games just to see if anything was cause for inspection. Nothing notable appeared. Temperatures were low. It will even shut off even on a desktop sometimes. Now it is crashing during boot-up.

I'm pretty sure it is a problem with the graphics cards. It was the same problem it had before and it had similar symptoms. I really don't know what to do. I looking for non-replacement options if possible. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Opening it up out of the question since there are special screws that need a special tool to remove them.


Mar 1, 2019
To me it sounds like your psu is having trouble keeping up. The only way is to test the gpu in another pc, just to rule out gpu. If you cant open your pc, take it back to who ever repaired it and let them sit with it. Advise them to do a stress test on cpu and gpu and have all ram tested. A good stress test will give the psu a good workout or kill it