Dec 20, 2012

Hi, I bought the POV Graphic card GeForce GT 430 2GB (used), the Windows detect card even the game menu runs (black ops 2).
The game start loading and then freezes, it looks like the GC has problem with anti-aliasing (from my perspective). In 3DMark test show "long spiky texture" from moving objects.
My question is, it's some way to repair the Graphic card ? Now I use MSI GTS 250 1GB.

Thanks for Your tips. :??:

From what you described it sounds like the graphics card is artifacting, I doubt the graphics card is over-heating due to the low power consumption but its worth a look just to make sure (over-heating can cause artifacting).

You can use free programs such as MSI Afterburner or Hardware Monitor to monitor temps.
Has the card been overclocked at all?

If the temps are fine and the graphics card hasn't been overclocked by yourself then I would ask for a refund from whoever you brought it from, providing that it was advertised as fully working.